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Age Calculator
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What is age?

It is the time interval since birth. It is measured in units of year.

How is age calculated?

Number of years between today and your birth date is calculated. This number indicates your age. If you use the calculator tool above and see that you are 29 years old, it means that you are starting to get days from 30 years.

Can I learn my age on a date I specify?

If you wish, you can easily find out how old you are or will be on a date of your choice in the form of day, month and year, as well as the availability of the day on that date.

How old am I?

You can easily find an answer to this question using our calculator.

How many days till my birthday?

In order to determine the number of days remaining for the birthday, the number of days between today's date and date should be determined. You can find the answer to this question in the calculation results.